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bway show interview

Watch the hour long interview on the Bway Sho HERE!

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"Simon Huck, the PR exec behind A.Human, an immersive, theatrical art experience... allows anyone with $40 to experiment with the idea of changing your body as easily as you can change clothes... to start, there was the live model's head there to greet you as soon as you walked through the door and onto the dirt, which littered the floor along with groupings of rocks and tropical plants."

–- W Magazine

"As guests including Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness, and Tan France peered into vitrines featuring live and artificial body modifications, everyone pondered: Where did the idea come from?... “I wanted to do something in the experiential world, and I wanted to do something modeled after the future. We started the future of self-expression. The future of fashion.”




Agents Of Azeroth

"For her part, Dillon Greenberg, a recent Catholic University graduate, portrays Lucy with a deft hand. She captures the burden of being 15 years-old and possessing a mind most adults would envy. Intellectually rigorous, morally righteous, but with all the hormonal chaos of high school, Greenberg’s Lucy is a sort of cult hero for the teenage female misfit. The fact that she ultimately becomes a victim of her own brain is fitting in a play where more data does not necessarily bring more clarity or peace."

D.C. Metro Theater Arts

"Be warned, villains of the new digital reality: The girl with the purple hair is on to you...The harangue by Lucy (Dillon Greenberg) adds an extra dollop of preachiness...Greenberg’s Lucy displays teenage mannerisms that are quite credible..."


The Washington Post

“Dillon Greenberg as Gabriella, his wife, was sweet, gentle, and gracefully refined. She possessed an honest and pure vulnerability, adding layers and depth to what could have been a flat, stereotypical ingenuine role in less capable hands.”

DC Metro Theatre Arts

Dillon was also awarded a performance honor by DC Metro Theatre Arts for her performance in La Perdida.

La Perdida

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