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Dillon is a Mexican-American actor, singer, content creator, and award-winning filmmaker living in Brooklyn, NY. She attended Catholic University for Musical Theatre in Washington, DC, and trained at the London Dramatic Academy in London for acting.

Dillon greenberg

Grounded. Smart. Sassy


album cover.jpg

MERRY CHRISTMAS, LUCY is a five-song EP created by Dillon Greenberg and Kaeli Earle. The album is a joyous celebration of the holiday season and a remarkable journey of resilience.

Their original song "Merry Christmas, Lucy," is a story about Dillon's beloved and iconic cat, Lucy, who was told by the vet that she wouldn’t make it through the year. Dillon was inspired to write the lyrics, and Kaeli composed the music. Over the summer during the recording process, Lucy underwent surgery and made a full recovery. She is a symbol of hope and the embodiment of the holiday spirit, as well as a mascot for Dillon’s home studio.


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